How we work

We build web and mobile apps to accommodate all of your technological and business needs. Your trust is well-placed in our team of designers, strategists, developers, and marketers, who integrate seamlessly with your team to produce captivating solutions that deliver business results.


We start all projects with a Discovery meeting, where we discuss your company, your market, your competitors, your products and services, and your current web/tech strategy. This helps us put ourselves in your shoes so that we may serve you best.

Process Point

User Experience

During the User Experience phase, we perform customer research while building initial prototypes for your website or app. Following this, we’ll record your feedback and make design iterations until you’re satisfied with the direction we’re heading.

UI Design

Once we’ve reached consensus on the layout, user flow, and content strategy for your project, we’ll begin the UI Design. This is where our designers will create gorgeous, full-color mockups for your project. We’ll collect your feedback and iterate until we all feel good about the design direction.

Process Point

Front-End Dev

If we’re building a website, we’ll first build a non-functional version of the site in HTML/CSS to get your feedback on the implementation of the design. If we’re building an app, we’ll skip this step.

Back-End Dev

All of the heavy lifting for your website or app happens on the back-end. This is the phase where we’ll build the software infrastructure and logic behind your project. During this phase we’ll routinely collect your feedback so that we can be sure we’re meeting all of your needs.

Process Point


We build all of our apps and websites in test environments so that we can work out all of the kinks in your product before pushing live. We build buffer time into the end of each project so that we can be sure that all facets of your project have been tested and fixed.


Once tests are done, fixes are made, and content is uploaded/written, we’ll be ready to launch! We like to throw launch parties for our clients so that you can make a big splash with your new website or app.

Process Point


The next step after launching your project is getting the word out about it. We can help you run ad campaigns, engage users on social, write blog posts, build backlinks, or create marketing assets.


We offer all of our clients support packages in which we manage their domain names and hosting and provide 24/7 monitoring, daily backups, and monthly reporting on uptime, upgrades, security vulnerabilities, and SEO.

Process Point
Process Point


Launched your product and need a new feature? Design trends changed and need a new look and feel? We can help with that. We’re happy to help you brainstorm new ways to reach your audience and new features we can add to your website or app.


Getting Started

Where are you located?

Our office is in the building across from the courthouse in downtown Huntsville. We’re on the 8th floor in the Office Alliance suite.


Do you offer marketing services?

We do! We have a lot of experience with digital marketing—everything from social posts, to social ads, Google AdWords, SEO, content development/distribution, etc. Our forte is software, but we’re happy to help you with your digital marketing needs as well.


Do you only work on new projects? What if I already have code written?

That’s fine! Our Process isn’t one you must follow from start to finish. Once we have an initial conversation, we’ll identify where you fit into our Process and then start our relationship from there instead of from scratch.

How do we get started?

Click HERE to schedule a call with our team. On that call we’ll learn more about you and your company, your product aspirations, your market, and your expectations. Once we have a clear picture of your motives, we’ll give you all the details on how we envision working to make your project successful—including how much we think your project will cost and how long we think it will take to build.

Tech Know-How

How much do I need to understand about tech before I work with you?

None! We’re happy to guide you through the process. We’ve been told we do a good job speaking in simple terms when it comes to technical things. Just let us know your comfort level and we’re happy to accommodate.